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Myself and my girlfriend are not from Connecticut but we travel often from New York out to Connecticut and Philly just for shows. Thank you for offering contest opportunities and hopefully we truely do get to meet you at a show in the near future.
- Bryan

You're doing an amazing job! Coming from Detroit techno capital, I'm not used to seeing a lot of giveaways for shows. It's usually pay or don't go unless you promote. Heck even I've won! And that's crazy cause I never win anything. Keep doing what you're doing <3 -Christina Really love all the effort you guys are putting forward for EDM in CT. I've always been going to Boston and NYC for clubs so it's great being able to stay in the state. -Kyle I think you guys are doing great! My favorite part about the website is the news/newsletter. It's nice to be informed about artists as well as the music. Keep doing what you're doing! -Jackie I'm a huge fan of what you guys are doing over at CT EDM. As someone who is always looking for new mixes to listen to, I can't wait to get on my laptop whenever you guys release one of your podcasts. -Matthew You are doing awesome, your contest are perfect and all your Instagram posts are hilarious and make my day. -Kaitlyn In all honesty, I love Connecticut EDM. You guys do so much for the scene and local EDM community. I actually got to see Yellow Claw at Tuxedo Junction because a friend of mine won free tickets through you guys! Keep up the good work for the scene. Much love and appreciation. -Julio

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